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Whether you are looking for that great adventure with lots of outdoor activities, you’re an avid mountain biker or rather prefer it relaxed with the focus on culture or food, Peru has plenty of unique experiences to offer for everyone.

Crossing Andes is based in Cusco and run by local guides, aiming at offering an authentic inside off the beaten track, by taking you to places away from the crowds and connecting them best to make the most of your time.

All our trips are private, fully customizable and to be adapted to your travel style and interests.
Mountain Bike

November 22, 2022

Very well ! Amazing!


1 week Sacred Valley
Rick Saul & Carol Tucker

September 28, 2022

Thanks to the incredibly meticulous and detailed planning offered by Crossing Andes, our trip to Peru was fantastic! Every aspect of the entire 2 week visit was carefully and professionally planned by the company, and the guides they provided were knowledgeable, friendly, flexible and very helpful. We highly recommend Crossing Andes.


Peru Holiday
Wilfred & Gina

September 27, 2022

Another FIVE star rating? Yes! I'm not usually a "guided travel" kind of guy; in this case, however, I highly recommend Crossing Andes. There were many moving elements to this trip. Victoria and her guides handled each one of them in a "completely satisfied" manner. The guides [and drivers!] were professional and attentive, removing all points of stress that can come with a trip like this.


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