Find your perfect Peru adventure travel experience

You are looking for a unique Peru adventure travel experience, combining lots of outdoor activities with an authentic insight into the Peruvian culture and history? Then you are at the right place. We can’t wait to cross the Andes with you!

All our Tours start in Cusco, the historic center of the Inca Empire, and include guided visits to the main archaeological sites of the Sacred Valley (Maras-Moray, Salt Flats and Pisac Ruins), Machu Picchu and Manu Biosphere Reserve or Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon rainforest. An extension of the Tour to Lake Titicaca is also available.

However, every itinerary is different when it comes to the routes employed, the amount of hiking and biking and the difficulty of the trip. Please read Which Tour should I book? for further information.

Although our Tours offer as much outdoor activities as possible, we try to provide you with complete information about Peruvian history and culture to give you an authentic inside into the country (Andes and rainforest). Your Tour Leader who will accompany you throughout the whole trip, together with our local specialist guides, will answer all your questions.

Below you find the itineraries of our Tours. Please read them carefully in order to make the right choice. Nothing is more frustrating than booking a tour which doesn’t meet your expectations.

It is also possible to join a Tour for the first or second half in case you’d like a shorter trip or even have it designed according to your wishes. Read more on Make It Yours – Private Tours.

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General difficulty: intermediate-advanced

Lares Trek

13 days / 4,399 USD
With Extension Lake Titicaca / 16 days / 5,299 USD

Experience Peru with its breathtaking landscapes mainly on foot. Hike through epic mountains, ascending on narrow trails leading you through canyons and rivers until reaching the top for a view that will take your breath away. Admire colored lagoons and observe llamas and alpacas in their natural environment. Visit native Andean communities and experience firsthand Peruvian culture and tradition. Visit the lowland Rainforest near Puerto Maldonado…


General difficulty: intermediate

Lares Trek (The Explorer)

13 days / 4,499 USD
With Extension Lake Titicaca / 16 days / 5,399 USD

A mixed trip combining hiking and biking. Go on a three-day Trek, hike through the impossibly beautiful Andean landscape with snow capped mountains in the background, following the trail of the lagoons and visit various native communities. Bike through the Sacred Valley with its stunning scenery and enjoy an adrenaline loaded ride of 2.5 hours. Visit the lowland Rainforest near Puerto Maldonado for an unforgettable experience of the Peruvian Amazon…


General difficulty: intermediate-advanced

Sungate Mummies Trail (The Classic)

14 days / 4,599 USD
With Extension Lake Titicaca / 17 days / 5,499 USD

Our classic. Bike through the stunning scenery of the Sacred Valley. Go on a three-day trek with a unique mystical itinerary. Follow the mummies’ trail, passing by archaeological remains and Inca tombs, some of them still containing mummies, until reaching an ancient ceremonial place offering an incredible view on the highest snow capped peaks of the Valley. On your way to Manu Biosphere Reserve…


General difficulty: advanced-expert

Tour Pic - The Biker1

15 days / 4,699 USD
With Extension Lake Titicaca / 18 days / 5,599 USD

Clearly for the bike addict. Enjoy diversified endurance & cross country rides and adrenaline loaded descents in the stunning landscape of the Sacred Valley, also known as the biker’s paradise. Camp at the top of the mountains overlooking the cloud forest. Breathtaking views guaranteed! Bike through the cloud forest, experience the gradually changing vegetation and witness…