Join us on one of our unique Peru Adventure Tours, hiking and biking across the Andes

Start in Cusco and bike through the beautiful landscape of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Hike through epic mountains and visit Machu Picchu. Then cross the Andes and spend unforgettable days in the Rainforest. Navigate on Lake Titicaca and stay with local families.
All our itineraries are handpicked with love for detail, always taking the backroad to make sure that you will have the mountains, the stars or your piece of rainforest to yourself. With a maximum of 12 participants, our travel groups allow for a travel experience in a family-like atmosphere.

Transport is barely a means to get to the starting point of your next hike or ride

In a country with such stunning landscapes and nature as Peru, you shouldn’t be longer in a bus as strictly necessary to get right out there again.

Biking to Salt Flats
Crossing Andes is different – in more than one sense
Eight reasons to travel with us:

1 – You are the explorer type, a curious and open-minded person, loving to see things for yourself in an authentic way.
2 – You are an outdoor person, loving to move around hiking, biking and being in the middle of things.
3 – You don’t want to sit in a bus more than the strictly necessary.
4 – You don’t want to come home from your vacation feeling lazy and having gained 3 kg.
5 – You rather touch a stone or shake a native or local persons’ hand instead of spending hours in a museum.
6 – You consider yourself a responsible traveler in a spirit of sharing.
7 – You are of the opinion that camping doesn’t mean to be uncomfortable and have bad food.
8- You want to live your life fully – always.

Maras Andean Women

Yohn and Victoria have in common their love for Peru, travel and nature. That’s how Crossing Andes was born and what they want to share with you.

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Yohn Grajeda
Yohn, born and raised in Cusco, loves his country in all its facets and is completely in his element when in the outdoors. He knows Cusco, the Sacred Valley and surrounding mountains like the back of his hand. Yohn is licensed as official tourism guide and has more than 20 years of working experience. He guided treks, rafting, biking and cultural trips and worked as a Tour Leader in adventure travel for 10 years.

Yohn speaks Spanish and English.

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Victoria Leyens
Victoria is from Belgium. After having worked five years as a lawyer, she left to backpack on her own through South America. Starting her trip in Cusco, she fell immediately in love with the place. Having planned to spend a few days in Peru’s South Eastern rainforest, she ended up staying for seven months. After having traveled the whole country, she decided to stay in Cusco, surrounded by magical mountains and close enough to her beloved rainforest.

Victoria speaks German, French, English, Spanish and Luxemburgish.