Customized private trips - Design your own personalized itinerary

Whether you are looking for that great adventure with lots of outdoor activities, you’re an avid mountain biker or rather prefer it relaxed with the focus on culture or food,
Peru has plenty of unique experiences to offer for everyone.

Crossing Andes is based in Cusco and run by local guides, aiming at offering an authentic inside, off the beaten track
by taking you to places away from the crowds and connecting them best to make the most of your time.


The sky is the limit

All sample itineraries are customizable depending on your preferences and travel wishes.

As long as time allows, the sky is the limit.


The Adventurous

Hike through the Andes, on the Inca Trail or an alternative route, add in a mountain bike ride, go zip lining, rafting or travel deep into the Amazon. For the adventurous, there are never ending possibilities to get acquainted with the culture while enjoying the outdoors and Peru’s stunning landscapes.

Culture & Family

Cultural Experiences

History, colonial monuments and art, ancient archeological sites of the Sacred Valley and World Wonder Machu Picchu. Learn about the local textile artwork, meet the ancestral Andean Communities and dive into Peru’s culinary history. All you need for an authentic inside into the rich Peruvian culture.

Mountain Biking

Ride the Andes

Explore the endless trails of Cusco and the Sacred Valley on your bike – also known as the mountain bike capital of South America – lots of fun, adrenaline, challenging trails and unique landscapes you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re only happy in the saddle, this one is for you.

Peru's Unique Experiences

Whether you’re into the outdoors, looking for that big adventure, a history buff or a foodie, don’t miss out on these very special experiences you can only find in Peru!
As long as you have time, those can be added to any itinerary. You tell us what you want and we’ll arrange for it.


Yohn and Victoria have in common their love for Peru, travel and nature. That’s how Crossing Andes was born and what they want to share with you.

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Yohn Grajeda
Yohn, born and raised in Cusco, loves his country in all its facets and is completely in his element when in the outdoors. He knows Cusco, the Sacred Valley and surrounding mountains like the back of his hand. Yohn is licensed as official tourism guide and has more than 20 years of working experience. He guided treks, rafting, biking and cultural trips and worked as a Tour Leader in adventure travel for 10 years.

Yohn speaks Spanish and English.

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Victoria Leyens
Victoria is from Belgium. After having worked five years as a lawyer, she left to backpack on her own through South America. Starting her trip in Cusco, she fell immediately in love with the place. Having planned to spend a few days in Peru’s South Eastern rainforest, she ended up staying for seven months. After having traveled the whole country, she decided to stay in Cusco, surrounded by magical mountains and close enough to her beloved Rainforest.

Victoria speaks German, French, English, Spanish, Dutch and Luxemburgish.