Yohn, born 1977, was raised in Cusco. Already as a kid, he loved being in the mountains and has cherished them ever since. This passion, together with the affection for his country, naturally lead to the choice of his profession: Guide and Tour Leader.
After having worked for more than 20 years in Tourism, he is still as motivated as on his first day, because he loves his country as much as showing it to his guests.
He is licensed as official tourism guide (Guía oficial de Turismo) and worked for 10 years as a Tour Leader in adventure travel, taking his groups to Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

Yohn bikes since the age of four. He has raced professionally for 15 years and is member of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Yohn lives in Cusco. He speaks Spanish and English.

Victoria (Vicky) was born (1982) in Germany and raised in Belgium (German-speaking part). After working for five years as a lawyer in Luxembourg-City, she quit her job to travel through South America and fell in love with Peru.
She volunteered in a project in Cusco, helping kids with their homework and giving classes, followed by an extensive trip through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia. Although traveling all the way down to Patagonia and up again, she kept coming back to Peru.
She lived for seven months in Puerto Maldonado (lower Amazon rainforest), translating for groups on tours in the rainforest (Tambopata Natural Reserve), where she could share her enthusiasm for the country and the rainforest with other people.

After visiting the whole country, she moved back to Cusco, where her journey started several years ago.

Vicky speaks German, French, English, Spanish and Luxemburgish.