Get out there

We want you to be in the outdoors, be it on foot, by bike, in the mountains or the forest, experiencing first-hand beautiful Peru.

We try to achieve this through minimizing travel time by motorized transport. We only use transport to get you from the hotel to the starting point of the next hike or ride to allow you to be as much as possible in nature. We believe a country with such stunning landscapes should be experienced with all your senses and not from behind the window of a bus.

The Real Experience

Crossing Andes is authentic.

We only sell Tours we love to do ourselves. Crossing Andes offers handpicked itineraries for an authentic, comfortable and safe stay.

In addition, Crossing Andes favors a real contact with local people through visits of native communities, still living in a traditional way.

Responsible Travel

Leave the place as you found it is key. We try to impact the environment as little as possible. Campsites during the treks dispose of bio-degradable toilets and garbage is naturally always taken to the next village or city for disposal.
To limit the amount of waste, we avoid the use of plastic. Therefore, water for your daily trips is provided in 25 liters returnable bottles to fill your canteen. Equally, we try to use as much as possible recyclable packaging for your box lunch and picnic.

Preference given to locomotion on foot or by bike is, besides the fun factor, environmentally friendly.

You Are Important

Crossing Andes only exists because of you. We love showing you around and sharing our enthusiasm for the country, its nature and culture. Likewise, every guest contributes with his or her personality to the Tour, which makes the whole trip a mutual enrichment. That’s why our groups are small so that Tour Leader and guests can get to know each other during their time together. You are important.

We thank you for your trust.